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A quick overview of which problems I can help you with

Consultancy & Strategy Development

You already have an in-house team that manages your social media and would like me to plan a coherent strategy.

Social Media Community Management

You can completely outsource your social media to me. You do what you do best and let me take care of the rest.

Social Content Creation & SEO Copywriting

You are not a journalist and don’t have the time to create your content. Leave that up to me.

Social Media Audit, Measurement & Analysis

You have no idea what your KPI’s are nor how much you should be spending and need to have concise, easily read reports.

In-company training
and coaching

You and your team would like to learn how to set up and manage your own social media, I can teach you how.

About Jacqui

Certified Digital Marketeer by the London School of Business

Through years of learning in this ever-changing world of social media, if there is one thing that I have learnt is that by being true to who you are, your brand will earn a solid reputation. I truly believe in organic, honest engagement.

People do not just want to subscribe to your adverts – they want you to give advice, like their posts back, participate in discussions and engage. There is no short cut – social media is a marathon and not a sprint!

Recently I have specialised in sustainable clients. My focus is on sustainable living, restauration, products, development and agriculture and I am very aware of the Swiss Sustainable social landscape.

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A quick overview of which problems I can help you with

Consultancy & Strategy Development

Aligning a customised social media strategy to your business goals in a measurable way by:

Truly engaging your fans around your brand and product by:

Social Content Creation & SEO Copywriting

Enhancing your brand with high quality content written in your brand’s voice by:

Social Media Audit, Measurement & Analysis

We use metrics to determine how your business should be using social media to get highest possible return on your investment (ROI) by:

In-company training and coaching

We help you and/or your staff get started on social media, and optimize your time and presence on each platform by:

We can turn fans into customers and customers into advocates by:

  • choosing the right Social Marketing Campaigns and platforms for your promotions
  • planning and executing efficient paid media while combining with quality content creation

While I am not a webmaster and I do not do web design & development, I can advise you on how to make your internet site more social media friendly, optimise your organic SEO, help you optimise user content and advise you on which social listening and reporting tools would be best for you. 

I can improve traffic to your website, turning it into a social media powerhouse by advising you on plugins, bookmarking tools, SEO content, widgets, and other tips.

I do have partners who I work with and can advise you on the most cost-effective actions to take.


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